Who are we?

W & J Coppini & Co traces its origins to nearly 140 years ago with the founding of the Commercial Exchange Bank in Merchants Street ,Valletta by Antonio Coppini. Within the following three generations the company has evolved into one of the local leading institutions in the financial services sector.

Why choose us?

W & J Coppini & Co constitutes a natural choice for our corporate clients and for the general public. As a licensed financial institution we are able to offer a comprehensive range of banking and financial services including payment services, fund transfers via S.W.I.F.T., SEPA, FX Trading, Buying & Selling Foreign Banknotes, Gold Coins & Bars. We buy and sell foreign banknotes in most world currencies. Our customer service policy, years of experience in this sector and highly competitive rates, make us one of the local market leaders in the foreign exchange business. You can visit any one of our offices in Sliema, Valletta & St. Julians if you are travelling and need to exchange your Euro to foreign banknotes or if you need to exchange your foreign banknotes to Euro.
  • The possibility of negotiating mutually agreeable exchange rates for both foreign currency and banknotes, depending on the volume of business.
  • Longer opening hours.
  • We handle transactions in most currencies.
  • Three strategically located offices in Malta.
  • Personalized service