Using MoneyGram in a few simple steps

To send money

Step 1: Visit a MoneyGram  agent, taking with you a form of personal identification**

Step 2: Complete a simple send form (including a complimentary personal 10-word message if you wish) and hand this in, along with the money you want to send and the transfer fee*.

Step 3: You will be given a Reference Number

Step 4: Give the Reference Number to the person you wish to receive the money and, in just 10 minutes*, the money will be ready for them to collect.

To receive money

Step 1:  Ask the person sending you the money to give you the Reference number.

Step 2: Use the Receive form and take it along with your ID to MoneyGram

Step 3: The MoneyGram agent will enter your information into the system
and verify that the money is available for you before paying out

*    Subject to the receiving MoneyGram outlet’s hours of operations and local regulations.

**   You will be required to provide personal identification, usually by one or more of the following: passport, driving license, National Identity card or a Government-issued identification.

In addition to the transfer fees applicable to a transaction, a currency exchange rate set by Moneygram or its agents may be applied.